Second World War

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Second World War

The following names are for those from Norfolk County who where killed during World War II. When available, additional information has been added and can be accessed by scrolling over the name and clicking the link. If you have any further information about the individuals listed below please leave a reply located on the bottom of this page.

ADAMS, Gunner George Frederick,  Simcoe,  9 Oct 1943, Italy

AITKEN, Gunner Robert Archibald,  Simcoe, RCA, 8 Apr 1941, Canada

ALLEN, Chief Engineer Hugh, Port Dover, Merchant Navy, 22 Feb 1942, at sea

ALMOND, Pilot Officer John N, Townsend, RCAF, 25 May 1944, over Europe

ANDERSON, Trooper Allan Joseph, Rockford, GGHG, 26 Sept 1944, Italy

ANDERSON, Private Lloyd Martin, Rockford, RHLI, 19 Aug 1942, Dieppe, France

ANDERSON, Private Roy Wellington, Waterford, West NS Reg., 31 Aug 1944, Italy

ATKINSON, Lieutenant George Eaton,  Port Rowan, RCE, 4 Aug 1943, Italy


BARBER, Private Arthur Oliver, Simcoe, RHLI, 19 Aug 1942, Dieppe, France

BARBER, Corporal Wesley David, Simcoe, RHLI, 19 Aug 1942, Dieppe, France

BELL, Rifleman George A, Round Plains, QORC, 26 Feb 1945, Netherlands

BENNER, Sapper George Alonzo, Forestville, RCE, 11 Jun 1944, Normandy, France

BENNETT, Gunner William M , Delhi, RCA, 14 Jan 1944, Italy

BENNETTO, Murray Arthur, Simcoe, RCAF, 16 Jun, 1942, Africa

BLACKHURST, Leading Seaman Charles R, Port Dover, Royal Navy

BOWYER, Sgt Charles Rex, Norfolk, RCA, 21 Jul 1944, France

BRAZIER, L/Brd Clendon,  Waterford, RCA, 30 Apr 1944, Canada

BRIDGES, Gnr Lawrence,  Brantford, RCA, 10 Oct 1944, Netherlands

BROCKINGTON, Flt Sgt Stanley ,  Simcoe, RCAF, 12 Jun 1942, England

BRODDY, Flt Sgt James Morley, Port Rowan, RCAF, 10 Mar 1942, England

BROWN, Sgt Lorne Edwin, Port Rowan, RCAF, 13 Aug 1941, England

BRYDEN, Sgt Herbert , Simcoe, RCAF, 29 Jul, 1942, England

BUCK, Pte William Bruce, Kitchener, Highland Light Infantry, 26 Jun 1945, Netherlands

BUCKLEY, M1C Claude L ,Waterford, US Army 20 Feb 1943, Manila

BURTIS, Sgt Marvin , Simcoe, RCAF, 9 Jul 1941, over Germany


CAMBELL-ROGERS, P/O Leonard , Simcoe, RCAF, 27 Jul, 1941, over Europe

CLARY, Pte. Thomas H, Langton (US Forces)

COLE, O/Seaman Harry Charles Beverly , RR 1 Simcoe, RCN, 24 Nov 1944, at sea

COPE, Spr Leroy Cope , Simcoe, RCE, 29 Jan 1945, Italy

CROCKET, Pte Albert ,  Delhi, IRC, 26 Jan 1944, Italy

CRONK, Seaman Kenneth T,  Port Dover, US Navy, Jun 1944

CULLIFORD, Stocker Doyle Ingram, Delhi, RCN, 14 Sep 1942, at sea

CULVER, WO1 Donald George, Simcoe, RCAF, 5Mar 1943, over Germany


DARBON, Pte George John, Vanessa, Lake Superior Reg, 14 Apr 1945, Netherlands

DOAN, Pte Walter Wilbert,  Simcoe, RCA, 8 Aug 1944, France


EGGERTON, Pte Louis M,  Simcoe, PPCLI, 23 Jul 1943, Italy


FEERE, Pte Curtis William, Port Rowan, Lake Superior Regiment, 1 Sept 1944, Normandy, France

FERGUSON, Flight Sgt Robert Chrysler,  Port Dover, RCAF, 14 May 1943, over Europe

FESCHUK, Tpr William,  Waterford, Royal Canadian Hussars, 6 Jun, 1944, D-Day Beaches

FLEW, Pte Thomas Charles,  Simcoe, Royal Canadian Regiment, 4 Sept 1944, Italy

FOSTER, Tpr Bryce Edwin, North Walsingham, 12th Manitoba Dragoons, 30 Aug, 1944, France


GRAHAM, Gnr William Hubert,  Port Dover, 13 Feb 1945, Netherlands


HALL, P/O Grant L Hall,  Rockford, RCAF, 14 Mar 1943, Vancouver Island, Canada

HAMILTON, Sgt Harry P, Vanessa, US Army

HAMILTON, 2nd Lt.  James Douglas, Simcoe, Royal Engineers, 17 Oct 1941, UK

HAMMOND, F/O Douglas William, Woodhouse, RCAF, 31 Mar, 1944, over Germany

HANEY, Gnr Percival ,  Tillsonburg, RCA, 8 Aug 1944, France

HARRISON, W/Cmdr Graeme E , Waterford, Royal Air Force

HAYCOCK, Pte Kenneth Albert George,  Simcoe, RHLI, 19 Aug 1942, Dieppe, France

HEATH, Lt George Ansley,  Townsend, RCA, 1 Aug 1943, England

HEMSLEY, Sig. Thomas Benjamin,  Townsend, RCCS, 10 Aug, 1944, France

HERRON, WO1 Allan Marvin,  Rockford, RCAF, 30 Jun 1942, Hagersville

HERRON, F/O Arnold Raymond,  Rockford, RCAF, 4 Jul 1943, over Europe

HICKS, Gnr Morley Edwin,  Nixon, RCA, 18 May 1943, England

HODGSON, F/Sgt George Thomas, Vanessa, RCAF, 21 Jul 1944, Netherlands

HOLMES, Rfmn Frank,  Townsend, QORC, 6 June, D-Day beaches, France

HOOVER, Gnr Earl,  Vanessa, RCA, 1 May 1945, Netherlands

HUNTER, F/O Archie,  Simcoe, 29 Jul 1943, Canada


INNES, F/Sgt Arthur Gordon ,  Simcoe, 29 Dec 1943, over Europe

IVEY, F/Sgt Thomas Alfred,  Port Dover, RCAF, 26 Jul 1943, over France


JACKSON, F/O Allan Hamilton,  Simcoe, RCAF, 9 Apr 1943, over Europe

JEWISS, Pte Edmond Alfred,  Simcoe , CYR, 7 Oct 1943, Italy

JOHNSON, F/Sgt (Nav) Douglas Graeme,  Simcoe, RCAF, 16 Nov 1942, over France

JONES, Pte Harold Francis,  Charlotteville, Argylls and Sutherlands, 1 May 1945, Netherlands\


KAY, Pte Louis,  Delhi, Calgary Highland Regiment, 26 June 1944, Normandy

KELLNER, Trp Ralph Paul,  Simcoe, RCAC, 1st Hussars, 11 Jun 1944, France

KUDRICH, Gnr Michael,  Simcoe, RCA, 24 Sept 1944, Italy


LAMBERT, Stoker, Fredrick Bruce,  Simcoe, RCN, 23 Mar 1943, Canada

LEATHERDALE, F/Sgt Harry,  Simcoe, RCAF, 13 Jun 1944, over English Channel

LEE, L/Cpl John Robert,  Round Plains,  QOCH, 6 May 1945, Germany

LEECE, F/O Herbert,  Walsh, RCAF, 23 Mar 1945, Canada

LESAGE, PTE Marcel,  Delhi, Lincoln and Welland Reg. 10 April 1945, Netherlands

LONG, O/Seaman Jeffery Alfred ,  Port Dover, RCN, 7 May 1944, at sea

LUXTON, F/Sgt John David,  Port Rowan, RCAF, 5 Aug 1942, England


MARR, Pte Lloyd Walter, Port Dover, Lincoln and Wellington Reg., 25 Oct 1944, Netherlands

MARTIN, F/O John George,  Simcoe, RCAF, 19 Nov 1944, over Netherlands

MERINUK, F/O Neil,  Delhi, RCAF, 30 Aug 1944, England

MILLARD, L/Bdr Leo Ernest, Delhi, RCA, 19 Jul 1943, Italy

MILLER, P/O Allan Bernard, Simcoe, RCAF, 16 Jan 1945, Germany

MILLAR, F/Sgt James Emerson, Woodhouse, 28 Mar 1940, over Netherlands

MITCHELL, Pte Berkley,  Simcoe, Essex Scottish, 5 Oct 1944, Netherlands

MULLIGAN, Pte Robert Ivan ,  Hartford, Lanark and Renfrew, 13 Dec 1944, Italy

MURRAY, F/Sgt Alexander Ian,  Simcoe, RCAF, 19 Jan 1942, England

McDANIEL, Pte Carson,  LaSalette (US Marines) 3 Mar 1945, at Iwo Jima

McDERMOTT, PO Stoker Joseph Gerald, , Simcoe, 21 Aug 1944, at sea

McGHIE, P/O Robert ,  Simcoe, RCFA, 4 Oct 1943, over Europe

McLEOD, F/Sgt Donald George,  Waterford, RCAF, 31 Jan 1944, England


NEIL, Pte George Arthur,  Simcoe, North Shore Nova Scotia Reg, 14 Aug 1944, France

NEIL, Capt Charles Ray , S imcoe, Princes Louis, 24 Oct 1944, Italy

NEWKIRK, Pte William Herbert, St Williams, Lincoln and Welland, 28 Oct 1944, Netherlands

NOVINKA, Pte Alex ,  Townsend, Lincoln and Welland Reg, 2 Aug 1944, France


OSBORNE, Sgt Leonard,  Delhi, RCAC, 8 Oct 1945, Canada


PALMERSTON, Cpl William James,  Simcoe, West Nova Scotia Reg, 4 Jan 1945, Italy

PAMPLIN, Engine Rm Bevan,  Simcoe, RCN, 21Aug 1944, USA

PEGG, Sgt Robert Cambell,  Clear Creek, RCAF, 30 Aug 1944, England

PETTIT, L/Cpl Frederick Joseph,  Delhi, Hastings/Prince Edward Reg, 20 Sept 1944, Italy

PHILLIPS, Lt Charles Edward,  Port Dover, Argylls, 27 Aug 1944, France

PICKERSGILL, Cpt Frank Herbert, Intelligence, 14 Sep 1944, France

PIERCE, F/Sgt Charles Benjamin,  Port Rowan, RCAF, 27 Dec 1941, Canada

POLOMARK, F/O John Marshall,  Simcoe, RCAF, 25 Apr 1944, England


RAWCLIFFE, Pte Charles Reginald,  Port Dover, QOCH, 26 Feb 1945, Netherlands

REID, Pte George,  Townsend, Irish Regiment of Canada, 31 Dec 1944, Italy

REID, F/Sgt William Cecil,  Simcoe, RCAF, 26 Sept 1943, England

RENTON, Cpl Harold, Simcoe, Argyl/Sutherlands, 29 Oct 1944, Netherlands

RUTTLEDGE, F/L Alfred John, Simcoe, RCAF, 15 Dec 1944, over Atlantic

RYERSE, F/O Clinton Richard, Vittoria, RCAF, 19 Sept 1944, over Malta

RYERSE, F/O Donald Arthur,  Simcoe, RCAF, 31 Aug 1944, over France


ST. LOUIS, F/O Bruce Anderson,  Port Dover, RCAF, 28 Sep 1943, over Europe

SHRAM, Tpr Leo Lloyd ,   Charlotteville, RCAC, 7 Oct 1944, Blegium

SHAW, P/O  Ernest Anson,  Townsend, RCAF, 11 Jun 1944, over England

SHAW, P/O George Leigh,  Townsend, RCAF, 25 Aug 1942, over England

SMITH, Gnr Basil Whitfield,  Delhi, RCA, 13 Sep 1944, Italy

SMOKE, F/Sgt Milton Ray,  Simcoe, RCAF, 20 Feb 1944, over Germany

STACKHOUSE, Pte William Arthur,  St Williams, Lincoln/Welland, 15 Apr 1945, Netherlands

STEWART, Pte. Hugh John,  Simcoe, Lincoln/Welland, 10 Aug 1944, France

STEWART, Lt James Alexander,  Simcoe, Argyll/Sutherland, 7 Mar 1945, Netherlands

STEWART, Pte James Arthur,  Simcoe, Canadian Scottish Reg, 9 Jun 1944, Normandy

STRACHAN, F/Sgt William Alexander,  Townsend, RCAF, 7 Jul 1941, over Netherlands

STROUT, F/L (Nav) Alfred Carman,  Delhi, RCAF, 29Aug 1944, Denmark

STUART, F/O Robert Claire,  Simcoe, RCAF, 16 Feb 1944, over England

SUMMERHAYES, P/O John Wilson,  Simcoe, RCAF, 13 May, 1944, over Belgium


TEDLEY, Pte Frank ,  Woodhouse, Stormont/Dundas/Glengarry, 7Apr, 1945, Netherlands

THEAKSTON, Pte Glendon,  Simcoe, Cape Breton Highlanders, 15 Sep 1944, Italy

THORNTON, P/O Jack Hardy,  ???? RCAF, 31 Mar 1944, over Germany

THRALL, Cpl Thomas W ,  Simcoe, RHLI, 17 Oct 1940, England


UNDERHILL, F/O Earl John,  Simcoe, RCAF, 21 Mar 1944, over Germany


VAN ACKER, Sgmn Edmond ,  Delhi, RCSC, 15 Jul 1944, France

VAN ACKER, L-Cpl Fedilis ,  Delhi, New Brunswick Reg, 25 Dec 1944, Netherlands

VAN OOYEN, Steward Dirk,  Woodhouse, RCN, 28 Jan 1944, at sea

VEIT, F/SGT Roger Walther,  Renton, RCAF, 24 Jun 1942, over Europe

VERTENTE, Sgnl Hector,  Delhi, RCSC, 25 Dec 1944, Nehterlands

VINCE, Pte Raymond Joseph,  Simcoe, Perth Reg, 20 Dec 1944, Italy


WAGNER, Pte. Bruce Howard,  Teeterville, Argyll/Sutherlands, 31 Jan 1945, France

WAGNER, Pte. Harry Everett,  Tetterville, RRC, 12 Aug 1944, France

WAGNER, Pte Ivan Samuel, Tetterville, RRC,  18 Jul 1944, France

WAGNER, Tpr Joseph,  LaSalette, 8th Hussars, 22 Jul 1944, Italy

WARDELL, F/Sgt Leo Thompson, Waterford, RCAF, 26 Feb 1944, Denmark

WELSH, LAC, Robert Alexander,  Venessa, killed in Harvard trainer, Niagara.

WHITEHEAD, Pte Lloyd, ????, QOCH, 8 Aug 1944, Normandy, France

WILSON, Pte George Edward,  Simcoe, Queen;’s York Rangers, 6 Jul 1943, Canada

WINFIELD, LAC George Norman,  Port Rowan, RCAF, Jarvis Air School

WOODEY, Pte Clifford Edward,  St Williams, RHLI, 19 Aug 1942, Dieppe, France

WYCKOFF,  F/O Charles Beverly,  Vittoria, RCAF, 23 May 1944, over Europe